Descendents of the families KNECHT - KNEGT - DE KNEGT etc


3340. Otto KNECHT

or did he immigrate to the USA? Same as Otto A. Knecht???

3355. Karl Kae KNECHT
From Evansville Courier:
Hired by then-editor Percy Carroll in September 1906.
Cartoonist from 1906 to retirement 1960 (Drew 18,000+ cartoons for Courier )
Was featured on the front page until the 1950s when moved to editorial page
54 years with the same paper is widely believed to be a record
Chairman of local Civil Defense Transportation Committee in WWII
Raised $2000 to buy baby elephant (named Kay) for MPZ
Knecht's 54 years with Courier believed cartooning record
Karl Kae Knecht, The Evansville Courier's cartoonist for 54 years, was more than a popular pen-and-ink commentator, he was a chronicler of history. His more than 18,000 drawings by the time he retired in 1960 had recorded important events of Evansville - and the world - through the first half of the 20th century.
"In looking through all of the cartoons that The Courier published during Knecht's career, I can see American history right there in his drawings," said Dr. Philip Ensley, professor of history at the University of Evansville. Ensley wrote a book in 1979 titled, "The World of Karl Kae Knecht through his Cartoons."
Courier editor Percy Carroll could not have known when he hired Knechtin September 1906 that this artist would establish himself as the most enduring newspaper cartoonist in American history. It is thought that Knecht's 54 years in the same city with the same newspaper is still a record.
But in Evansville, the man whose drawings were known and reprinted by newspapers around the world was admired for more than his daily front-page cartoons. He also became known as a great supporter of civic causes, as agreat lover of theater and the circus, and as the founder of Evansville's Mesker Park Zoo.
"Although he was a remarkable cartoonist, I would say that Karl Kae Knecht's greatest contribution was not to the world of cartooning, but to thecity of Evansville," Ensley said. "He supported almost every major civicorganization and institution in Evansville - partially through his cartoon work - but also in his life. He was a 'booster' in the real sense of the word."
Knecht fell in love with the circus as a boy and through his life visited - even toured with - many major circuses. After the John Robinson Circus gave him a pair of lions, Knecht led a Courier appeal to collect money for a baby elephant. The drive raised $2,000 - mostly in nickels, dimes and quarters given by area school children.
Kay, the baby elephant, arrived in Evansville in 1929 to live in the newMesker Park Zoo - also Indiana's first zoo. After that, Kay became a trademark for Knecht. She appeared in every cartoon he drew, usually with some comment about the topic of the day.
Just as Kay became a trademark for Knecht, the cartoonist's work becamea trademark for The Evansville Courier. Long after other national newspapers had relegated their cartoons to the editorial pages, Knecht's dailycommentary remained on The Courier's front page. It too worked its wayto the editorial page during the early 1950s.
"It was the first thing people saw when they picked up their Courier every day," Ensley pointed out. "Whatever he presented made an immediate impact on readers."

Jannie MOORE

daughter of Elwood Moore

Margaret BURBER

or SURBER ??

3358. Klara KNECHT

She was educational director for Ringling Bros Circus. Author of severalbooks on wild animals and circuses

1077. Phillip KNECHT

Surgeon in Boll

Katharina HERMANN

daughter of Johann Georg Hermann and Catharina Mhlhser.

3378. Catherine KNECHT

not sure if Mr. Zink is her husband!!!!